They seem a lot friendlier on there. This is off topic but I am sure you guys can help me. Any Canadians here being pushed around by HP while trying to warranty their dv or similar Canadian models that are having graphic chip set failures and related problems???? I stumbled upon your blog this morning while searching for help with my 18 month old HP Pavillion dvus laptop. The thing is, after all this, i still love my laptop and would love to have it back in one piece, or better still, get my hands on one of those DVX machines.. With those cables you can see your disk as a USB device and then you can copy files to another computer.

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Then I sent it in for the extended warranty repair in February of because my wireless had disappeared. I have an hp dv that seems to have some audio hp pavilion dv6449us.

So frustrated here for having spent hard earned money on pabilion hp pavilion dv6449us piece of junk. See PJ for the 90 watt 4. I am no longer hp pavilion dv6449us to work on the HP tech team with no pay and at a lost of data time and money. Actaully the wi-fi card is a symptom of this problem- I had to relaod the driver time and again to get mine to work and even switched it out with another spare- the graphics card seems to affect some odd systems.

Geez, is there anything Right! Brenten, have you tried restoring your Notebook to the ;avilion default?

When I insert a disc, it does not recognize it. Oh, and for you out there wondering just what the problem is: Lucky really because i hp pavilion dv6449us considering canceling it shortly! I have a Laptop since sept ,hp pavillon dv and today morning it does not startthe light is on but nothing happen ,like it try to hp pavilion dv6449us but it stop suddenly. Have you tried doing a factory restore?

I checked the recall for that and my serial and product matched the recall. My dv has been in for hi heat ac, system board ,lcd and other things at this point HPwill send me a new dv7 as a replacement.

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Just wanted to comfirm this just in case there was something i hp pavilion dv6449us of done. Now about two days ago, the sound stopped working again. I immediately phoned HP and upon giving the customer rep.

If the search function, to the right, does not return any results please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number. Hp pavilion dv6449us days later, laptop did not boot at all, BIOS cheeps long-short-short. Any help or direction would be much appreciated. This is obviously a progressive problem. I think it is hardware related as it started happening in the summer on a particularly hot day.

They are living up the the 1 year extension rv6449us the warranty. Compare this with Win 98 where there were NONE unless you had an antivirus doing scans and you had set it up! This thing got repaired in less than a week! Hp pavilion dv6449us, apvilion can provide me some help.

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Hello, Interesting, My Pavilion has been randomly shutting down off and rebooting, Im terribly disapointed, Ive tried to restart it, but nothing, I also brought it in to the Future Shop where I purchased it and nothing, the suggested restart it.

So I sv6449us at a loss to backup my data now. Just got of the phone with HP. HP laptops are very common here for power hp pavilion dv6449us repair. Be sure to indicate what OS was hp pavilion dv6449us on your laptop on the return form.

My warranty is up hp pavilion dv6449us June. Toshiba Satellite M20 Series: He said the expected turnaround time is days. Not the end of the world but MCE is a very annoying version of the OS, especially when you have absolutely no use for any of its features.

On the list from HP they replace hp pavilion dv6449us motherboard, my screen, one of my hinges, my battery, and my mouse. I had omitted to hp pavilion dv6449us them about that. He stated to keep the battery in just remove the remote for media center. I just spent an hour on the phone with customer servcie not really helpfull and an hour last night with online chat support all to pavilioh avail. I am so frustrated by hp pavilion dv6449us to send it again for repairs. It weird because I tried few times but cannot….

The power light will go on when i plug it in and out. This sounds like a problem with the wireless adaptor itself.

After one week the internal speakers stopped working and I was hp pavilion dv6449us getting any audio. They told me the battery was not good, she was having the same problems.

I updated the BIOS, reinstalled the video driver hp pavilion dv6449us few times, no success. Stacy contacted me and told that the unit was fixed and that I should pay his fee of 80UKP.