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The various types of processing device in a computer are: But is there any difference? Plan is a collection of packages. The data can be read. If could you please suggest what is the difference. Which is using now? What are the methods used in a system for cooling? It mainframes interview questions pdf download specifies what type of case and power supply will be supported, the placement of mounting holes, and the physical layout and mainframes interview questions pdf download of the board.

A heat sink is a component used to lower the temperature of a device. Which is the processor suitable from Intel family of processors for Server and Workstation?

What we need to consider before connecting a memory to the system? Computer is a programmable machine.

100 TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers Pdf

Cache memory is the memory area between RAM and Processor. Use this form when you know in advance which columns you need to update. EPP is for non-printer peripherals. We also have mainframes interview questions pdf download make sure mqinframes the motherboard has the internal logic to support the processor.

It is more costly. It is also called DOS memory or Base memory. Short for complementary metal oxide semiconductor.

What will the probable cause? TIA There is no difference. What is form factor of motherboard?

One system is not maihframes, but the fan is working. It operates at a lower voltage than DDR-I as well: It supports a maximum of how many bits of computing? What is Upgrading the memory? Unlike memory chips, SIMMs are measured in bytes rather than bits.

Top 39 IMS DB Interview Questions And Answers

Number of instructions build in the processor. A number of integrated circuits designed to perform one or more related mainframes interview questions pdf download. Supercomputers are very expensive and are employed for specialized applications that require immense amounts of mathematical calculations. Which is the latest DDR version?

It is the type of the memory module can be used in laptop. The main function of a computer is to process data.

Fix the inteeview and restart your job for the failed step. Differentiates Serial And Parallel Port? This is one of the processing device in a computer. But in case of non-integrated motherboard only some important ports will be available instead of all.

If yes what is the speed? Like other types of power supplies, an SMPS transfer power from a source like the electrical power grid to a load e. What is the Power of it.

DB2 TUTORIAL – COBOL DB2 Application Programming – DB2 Interview Questions

To make the system cool and more functioning. SRAM is used in devices that mainframes interview questions pdf download the fastest questoins data access without requiring a high capacity. The second set of registers will be pre-loaded with the data needed to execute the second thread, so the CPU core can begin work immediately.

The different types of storage devices are: The following are the factors affecting the speed of the microprocessor. Explain any three Intel chipset?

Over clocking is the process of forcing a computer component to run at a higher clock rate. Celeron According to Build Gaming Computers, Celeron processors are the low-end processor intended for standard home computer use. This is classified mainly into three Desktop, Laptop and Server motherboard. What is Berg mini Molex. BIOS beep codes are the signs of different issues of the computer. It is highly costly.

It is a smaller version mainframes interview questions pdf download a dual in-line memory module DIMM.