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Note that the tile next to the last dealt tile will be the one to be used next in the game. South takes the next two stacks, West takes the next two, then North takes the next two.

The hand ends when somebody declares Mahjong and reveals a complete tile hand of four sets and a pair. The Charleston may proceed a second time if all the players agree.

How to Play Mahjong – Complete Rules

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As explained earlier, the goal is to get four sets and a pair. Winning American Mah Jongg Downlooad Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. If a mahjong rules pdf download has an exposed combination with a joker substituting a tile and you have the actual tile the joker is substituting, you may exchange that tile for the joker in the following manner:.

How to Play Mahjong

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The turn then passes to the player on his right. The East player starts by rolling three dice and adding up the sum of mahjong rules pdf download rolls.

The Game of Mah Jong book was listed as slightly used, but arrived in excellant shape. There are also 16 Wind tiles and mahjong rules pdf download Dragon tiles. Each player passes 3 unwanted tiles to the player to her right, known as ‘ last right ‘. The player then declares “Mahjong” and wins the game.

The player’s hand is dead out of the game but will pay the winner just like all the other players at the end of the game. Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon.

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Discard a tile to maintain the proper tile count in your hand. You downloar declare a concealed kong on any of your turns, but only immediately after you draw a tile from the wall or mahjong rules pdf download replacement tile.

Then, East takes the following four tiles two from the top row and two from the bottom row.

This determines whose dwnload they will break. Please try again later. The result should be a large square wall of tiles in the center of mahjong rules pdf download table. If the discarded tile is not called, the turn continues to the next player on the right.

When none of the calls are to complete a mahjong hand, the player nearest in turn receives the discard. A tile may not be called to complete a combination of the hand that requires only a single tile.

For example, if East rolled 12, then they would break North’s wall. A chow is a set of three tiles of the same suit and consecutive numbers. Warehouse Deals Open-Box Discounts. You then must turn your chow face-up, revealing the completed run e. Exponential scoring scores each pung at 2 points, which is doubled if the pung was not revealed, doubled if the pung used ones or nines, and doubled twice more if the pung was a mahjong rules pdf download. My cousins and I used to play mahjong as kids mahjong rules pdf download when I grew up I bought my own mahjong set.

If you claim a discard to make a melded set, that mahjong rules pdf download set cannot be integrated back into the concealed part of your hand. All tiles are placed faced down in the center of the table and shuffled by all players.

Each player arranges the tiles on her rack in a logical order so she can start to realize her goal of putting together her mahjong hand. Moving counter-clockwise, the rulees players take one tile from the end as shown belowgiving each of them a mayjong of mahjong rules pdf download tiles. East rolls the dice and then counts off the resulting number from the stack of tiles in front of her, from right to left, and breaks the wall. Read more Read less.