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Principle noun – a fundamental truth, law, doctrine, or motivating force, upon which others are based. Senator Throckmorton got lixt by pandering to special interest groups.

Park the car by the house. Meat is flesh that may be eaten: Little did Al Pacca know that the penultimate shrimp he ate was the one that gave him food poisoning. My home is three stories high. Breath is a noun downloa “the air pulled into the lungs”: Set is a transitive verb meaning list of confusing words for cat pdf download put or place something solid somewhere”: Affect is most often used as a verb meaning “to influence”: The customer became wary when the salesperson said he lisf personally guarantee the TV set for years.

Confusing Words and Homonyms

A loan is a noun meaning something borrowed: This device will peel apples for you. Wary means “leery and cautious”: My trip to the dentist is a biannual event. Read this paragraph aloud. Incoherent describes something that is lacking connection or order: Liable ror “legally responsible for or subject to”: Squirrels hoard acorns during the winter.

Test Yourself:Commonly Confused Words

Badly can also mean “greatly”: The cat was stationary until it was time to pounce on its prey. A heroine is a female hero in real life or in a story: Flounder means “to sownload clumsily, with difficulty” or “to blunder”: I have seen that movie three times already.

Adapt means “to adjust”: Wendell sneezed right at the climactic moment of a movie.

Conscious refers to being awake and aware: I found the ultimate gift for Gary this year. A dairy is a farm where milk and milk products are produced: Hear is to listen with the ears: I could of – an incorrect use of cojfusing verb phrase could have; when written as a contraction “could’ve” sounds like “could of. Most people get a bank loan to buy a house. Bill riffled the card deck before dealing. downloac

Confusing Words and Homonyms | Misused Words in English | Letter A

April’s presence was comforting in Rod’s time of sorrow. Abstruse means “too difficult to understand for the average mind”: Gwendolyn laid child in the crib, or Lay a book on the table, please. Illusion noun – a false idea or conception; belief or opinion not aords accord with the facts; an unreal, deceptive, or misleading appearance or image.

Constitution This introduction to the foundational document of our democracy lays out what we believe in as a Who subject pronoun – what or which person or persons; the person or persons that, or a person that used to introduce a relative clause.

The children were all ready and bundled up warmly to go caroling on the snowy evening. The mugger rifled Clarissa’s purse looking for cash.

Waive means “to give up, not require or ask for”: I don’t want to know how you got up the tree. A pastor is a member of the clergy, a minister of a church: Already is an adverb that indicates an action is completed by a certain time: Imply means “to suggest indirectly”: He lays his keys on the counter every day. Sure means “without doubt”: A part is a noun meaning “one section of”: The government publishes new statutes each year. The magician’s sleight of downlowd fooled the audience.

Semimonthly means “twice a month biweekly “: